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Except for football, where we do not provide the service for the management of players and the golf sector because another division takes care of it (, we operate in any other sport. We deal with the so-called minor sports (cricket, martial arts, MMA, etc.), which have a significant following worldwide.

  • consultancy for sports clubs

  • management of sponsorships

  • international management of sports activities

  • global management of your tournaments

  • financial project

  • tax assistance

  • legal assistance

  • mental coach

  • marketing development

  • Real estate consultancy

  • charitable planning

  • furnishing and fitting out of sports facilities

  • production and sale of merchandising

  • innovative products

  • startup in the sports sector

  • and much more.

As for all companies and Divisions of TDHI Group, write what you are looking for or what you need, and we will tell you what we can do for you.


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